My journey into art..

" I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way." - Georgia O' Keefe

Growing up, I was always off in my own fantasy world. From playing dress up to frolicking around the forest as a fairy. Being in my own little world was a welcome escape from the real world at times. Childhood can be a hard time for anyone and for me it was especially tough. I spent many of my younger years feeling afraid and alone. I was bullied at school daily and struggled to make friends.

Having my own little world was truly a blessing and allowed me to feel belonging when I couldn't otherwise. It also allowed for me to play- play with ideas and beliefs, values and limits, explore the world around me and within me.

I loved coloring and finger-paints, making my own books filled with animals and stories, putting my ideas onto paper was a way for me to express myself in a time where words were not available.

It was through play and exploration inside this fantasy world that led me into my journey into art-making and the use of my favorite coping skill to date!


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