Mapping out your piece

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

"Let joy lead the way."

Mapping out your piece

Find yourself getting stuck in a slew of ideas for a new piece and feeling unsure of where to start?

First thing's first..Get Inspired!

- Go outside - Listen to music - Don't set expectations - Let yourself play (explore new medium's, technique's, idea's) - Be a copycat! (Don't steal but observe what other's who inspire you are up to) - Read a book - Look at things you have made in the past or unfinished pieces - Come up with a theme These are just some easy ideas for #artmapping but there are many.

If you are trying to work on something specific but find yourself getting stuck-- come up with a #colorscheme or create a #visionboard for the piece. This does not have to be elaborate, simply jot down a few ideas, use color swatches or magazine clippings.

Another thing I find helpful is to spend some time just letting your juices flow-- no expectations , no rules, just get some materials out and do what ever comes to mind.

Pinterest is also a great way to get those ideas going!


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