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Shandra Stephenson does most of her work out of her home studio located in Vernon, British Columbia, where she is currently based. Shandra went to school for Photography and was working as a lifestyle photographer for numerous years, though her true passion has always been in fine-art.

From an early age, Shandra would spend hours playing with colours, shapes and creating stories from the depths of her imagination. Fast forward to today and the influence of photography can be seen throughout her work. 


Shandra’s main medium is paper collage, but she also experiments with resin, acrylic, alcohol-inks, and found objects. Part of Shandra’s process is hand sourcing all her material, combing through the depths of used book stores and vintage shops, she finds inspiration in the unknown. Never knowing what she will stumble on next and how that will transform has an allure that is reflected in her finished pieces.


Interplaying surrealism with societal ideals and beliefs to tell a story is a theme that is ever present in Shandra’s work. Combining her background in photography and image composition with her love for daydreaming and captivating colour pallets make for entrancing works.


Art is the medium to a vessel for words felt, but unspoken. My work seeks to shine a light on the struggles and joys of the human condition by cutting apart and examining societal beliefs and mythologies.


Contrasting colours and shapes act as a portal for story-telling.  My work is largely focused on breathing new life to old things. Blending the old world with modern elements.


Salvaging and reshaping, telling stories through what is shown exactly on the paper and also through the physical history, the age and wear of the paper, where it may have been, and to whom it belonged.


These are all concepts that coincide with my work. Every rip, tear, cut, and placement is a careful thought. The act of searching for new material is actually a huge part of my journey when working on new collage pieces. I find all of my source material by scouring used book shops, thrift stores and the like. I find nothing online and rarely touch the digital realm.

I call myself a scissor painter. Imagery is my compass while scissors are the medium which guide me, on an endless journey into my subconscious.





Federation Gallery - Annual International Mail-In Art Group Exhibition


Kira Art Gallery - All Mediums & Mixed Media Competition - Finalist "Best Concept"

Moontide Gallery - Solo Collage Exhibition

Ratio Coffee- Solo Collage & Alcohol inks Exhibition

Federation Gallery - 365 Online Group Exhibition (online)

Federation Gallery - Pride & Centre Group Exhibition

Federation Gallery - Landscapes Group Exhibition

Federation Gallery - Scenes from Western Canada Group Exhibition

Federation Gallery -  Spotlight Group Exhibition


Federation Gallery - Limitless Group Exhibition

Federation Gallery - Annual International Mail-In Group Exhibition

Luppolo Brewery - Solo Alcohol-Inks Exhibition


Essentia Store - Solo Alcohol-Inks Exhibition



Thought Art Magazine - Artist Feature


Lake Country Art Walk  - Artist Participant



Imagine Pandosy Art Festival  - Artist Participant 

Arts in the Garden  - Artwork feature & Interview

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